We are striving to recombine the beauty and talent of the original weimaraners that earned the title of "Wonder Dog." Our goal is to produce stunning show dogs and field hunters for the perfect Dual Champions. This is a great undertaking and is only possible through the similar goal of many American, Australian and German breeders today. We have just begun this long process but have seen the success of others and have great faith and pride in our own dogs to succeed as well. The noble character and fearless personality makes the weimaraner a sight to behold both in the show ring as well as in the field. Temperament and health are still the primary concern of all ethical breeders and we have both.

First and foremost our dogs are our children and we can not imagine what we would do without them. We have seen what time, patience, and opportunity can produce in a weimaraner. Give a weimaraner a chance to learn, think and attempt and they will excel in all areas. They truly are a breed that will try anything purely for the love of their owners.


Risen Weimaraners began in 1998 with the purchase of our first show dog. Since then we have been blessed with three amazing weimaraners, 14 wonderful grandbabies, and countless friends that we have met through competition and rescue work.  

2008 was a year of great change for our home.  We have recently added a black and white addition to our grey family.  Our mantle Great Dane has been a new and wonderful adventure.  She has started us down a new path bringing us the opportunity for new friends & family and new challenges. 

We believe that the dogs are family members and they live out the entirety of their lives in our home, bed, and hearts.   We do not breed often as we have a very limited number of dogs. We only breed after careful research and only to improve the quality of the breed as a whole.

Lisa and David Willis

Glendale, Arizona